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Singapore Teddy & Friends





Tania Schott , SchottiBears

Tania Schott (SchottiBears) is from the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Making bears reminds her of the warmth, safety, and joy of her childhood.

Tania started making bears in 1999 when she chanced upon a Teddy & Co. Magazine, which sparked her interest in sewing bears.
She creates traditional bears and also designs animals. Each Schottibear is her original design and is entirely handsewn. Since 2018, all Schottibears bear the pride label “Made in Luxembourg,” which stands for the country’s quality and origin. Tania works with high-quality materials like alpaca, sheep wool, and mohair. If a fabric does not fit in a particular color, it’s dyed accordingly.

To give her bears a radiant look, she used high-quality black glass eyes and adds shadings. The nose is traditionally hand embroidered with black pearl cotton and finished with nose shine. To create more expression, she shapes the fur with scissors. She gives some bears small accessories around their necks (bells, scarfs), a coat, but most bears remained unclothed. Any clothing worn by her bears is designed and handsewn by her. “For me, the most important thing is that every bear has its personality – a friendly, expressive expression.” says Tania.

Visit her website to view more of her wonderful creations:
Instagram: Schottibears


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